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The Sart-Tilman Open-air Museum

Parcours d'art public
(available in French)

The town of Liège and the Sart-Tilman Open-air Museum seem to be veritable public art laboratories. Since the monuments resulting from the “statuomania” of the 19th century, such as the statue of Grétry by Guillaume Geefs (1842) or that of André Dumont by Eugène Simonis (1866), to more recent works such as those by Daniel Dutrieux at the heliport (1991) or Longdoz (1995), this passionate town has welcomed all trends and forms of expression. There are numerous instances of complicity between this extraordinary heritage and the works created owing to the transfer of the University of Liège to Sart-Tilman, whether they are due to the same artists, whether they exploit similar themes or whether they have such an intimate dialogue that they become inseparable, such as L’ombre du Torê by Vincent Strebell, inspired by the famous bull-tamer Léon Mignon. Furthermore, the Sart-Tilman Open-air Museum has adopted a policy that puts its works on the same level as those installed in the town: the art works are always the subject of an integration process with the place where they are to be installed.

The Liège’s Department of Environment and the Sart-Tilman Open-air Museum have joined forces for the publication of two guidebooks that document this exceptional heritage. Parcours d'art public. Ville de Liège contains 144 thematic files dedicated to the discovery of the paintings and sculptures that adorn the streets, squares and gardens of Liège, dating from the Middle Ages to the present day. Parcours d'art public. Sart-Tilman proposes an exhaustive catalogue of the Sart-Tilman Open-air Museum.

Technical description: 4-page file (12.5 x 18 cm), 200 g art paper, two-colour printing
on both sides, 3 b/w photos per file.

Cost: EUR 30 for Parcours d'art public. Sart-Tilman
EUR 40 for Parcours d'art public. Ville de Liège
EUR 65 for both publications

Available from the town of Liège’s Department of Environment and the Open-air Museum.

The Parcours d'art public books are published by the town of Liège (Ville de Liège – Echevinat de l'Environnement et du Cadre de Vie)

DUCHESNE J.-P. (dir), Le patrimoine artistique de l'Université de Liège, Editions du Perron, 1993, 144 p., 20 Euros


Daniel DUTRIEUX, L'écriture du bouleau, 1999
100 euros

Gérald DEDEREN, Sans titre
100 euros


Communauté française de Belgique Wallonie-Bruxelles

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